Slice 21-001-11 (23.14 OzT)

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Slice from a 1000 Oz Good Delivery Bar
Slice Number: 21-001-11
Weight: 23.14 OzT
Finish: None

Pricing Info:
Price Updated 09/30/21 12:02 EST
KAG Price: 25.690 KAG
Premium over KAG price: 11.0%
Price per Ounce Delivered (free shipping): $24.74

Additional charges based on payment method (at checkout time):
– KAG: 0% ($24.74/OzT)
– KAU/BTC/Eth/BCH/LTC: 0.5%, included in the exchange rate we calculate ($24.86/OzT)
– ACH Transfer: 2%, to cover price risk ($25.23/OzT)
– Credit Card: 5%, to cover price risk and credit card fees ($25.97/OzT)

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Payments may be made by KAG, Eth, LTC, BTC or by credit card ($).

Due to fees and hedging risk, there is an extra 5% charge for credit card purchases.

For Eth/LTC/BTC, there is an extra 1% charge due to needing to convert them into KAG.

KAG has no extra charge since we redeem KAG for the 1000 Oz bars, i.e. it is what we are using to hedge the silver price (long).