Slice 21-001-08 (22.98 OzT)

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Slice from a 1000 Oz Good Delivery Bar
Slice Number: 21-001-08
Weight: 22.98 OzT
Finish: None

Pricing Info:
Price Updated 10/04/21 17:12 EST
KAG Price: 25.510 KAG
Premium over KAG price: 11.0%
Price per Ounce Delivered (free shipping): $25.39

Additional charges based on payment method (at checkout time):
– KAG: 0% ($25.39/OzT)
– KAU/BTC/Eth/BCH/LTC: 0.5%, included in the exchange rate we calculate ($25.51/OzT)
– ACH Transfer: 2%, to cover price risk ($25.89/OzT)
– Credit Card: 5%, to cover price risk and credit card fees ($26.65/OzT)

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