21-008-07 (26.32 OzT)

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You can choose a finishing option(sanding will reduce weight slightly). Will be stamped with the SBPM logo and the slice number and weight. Please allow 1 week to ship.
NOTE: From a 0.9999 bar from COMEX! Has a pit in the bottom.
Slice from a 1000 Oz Good Delivery Bar
Slice Number: 21-008-07
Weight: 26.32 OzT

Pricing Info:
Price Information:
KAG Price: 29.220 KAG
Premium over KAG price: 11.0% (typically KAG is around 1% over spot)

Additional charges based on payment method (at checkout time):
– KAG: 0%
– KAU/BTC/Eth/BCH/LTC: 0.5%, to cover exchange fees
– ACH Transfer: 2%, to cover price risk
– Credit Card: 5%, to cover price risk and credit card fees

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Weight 31.584 oz
Dimensions 5.0 × 5.0 × 2.0 in