Take Your Silver Back!

About us

 At Silverback Precious Metals, our goal is simple: We want to partner with silver stackers to drive true price discovery in the physical silver market. We believe that people should take their silver back from the institutional vaults. 


The silver squeeze between Jan 29th to Feb 2nd 2021 revealed many concerning issues in the current silver derivative market. The extremely leveraged futures contracts allow large institutions to create unlimited synthetic silver contracts to dump into the futures market at times of low liquidity causing the price to be driven down. By avoiding the leveraged futures market and directly slicing up 1000 oz good delivery silver bars, we believe that we can help establish a new way to buy and value physical silver.


As silver stackers and sound money advocates ourselves, we’ve been part of the online movement to buy physical silver that came to prominence in early 2021. We believe that this movement will continue to gain steam and traction throughout the next several years. We believe that owning hard assets, that can’t be created with a keystroke, are one of the keys to financial security in an era of high inflation.

Our Process

We buy 1000 oz good delivery bars straight from the institutional silver vaults. We cut them up into approximately 25, 50, or 100 oz slices.  Our slicing process results in some variability, but we guarantee each slice will weigh within +/- 2oz of its nominal weight.  You will only be charged for the exact weight of your individual slice.

Each slice is then stamped with our logo and assigned a unique serial number. The saw marks produced by this process offer a unique finish on their own. Additionally, we offer two premium finishes: sanded, which produces a smooth, matte surface, and a nearly mirror polished version. A small percentage fee is charged for the premium finishes.


Pricing and Payments

We offer several payment options to make our silver available to all.

KAG (Kinesis Silver): this asset backed digital currency represents an ounce of physical silver held in an institutional vault.  We are able to redeem these blockchain tokens for silver from our supplier (Kinesis) directly, so these represent the least expensive payment option.


Other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, KAU, and Ethereum): add 0.5%


For cryptocurrency payments, select Cryptoniq as the payment option, then select the type of cryptocurrency you’d like to pay with. On the next page you will receive information on where to send your payment.


USD (via eCheck/ACH): add 2%


USD (via credit card): add 5%


Shipping and handling is free!  We ship via USPS Certified Mail with signature on delivery. 


We price this way because we do not hedge by going short in the futures market as most bullion dealers do. Holding Kinesis KAG keeps us always hedged long, protecting us from market volatility, and it is easily converted to physical silver at a low cost. Other cryptocurrencies can be quickly converted to KAG, so these are only slightly more expensive. 


We accept USD as well, but due to the slow velocity of money through the traditional banking system and the daily volatility in silver, an extra fee is added so we can avoid using the hyper-leveraged silver futures market. 


For pre-orders only: 

A 2 KAG (2 oz of silver) premium will be added at checkout to account for variability in the cutting process. For example: if you buy 25 oz, you will be charged for 27 oz at checkout. Once your unique slice is cut, finished and weighed, we will refund the difference in your original method of payment.  


If you wish to buy using KAG, but do not yet have a Kinesis account, please use our referral link when you sign up.  Send us a screenshot when you sign up with this link to receive $30 off your first purchase. A great resource to find out more about Kinesis is the third-party website aboutkinesis.com.