The Background Story

At Silverback Precious Metals, our goal is simple: we partner with silver investors to drive true price discovery in the physical silver market. We believe that the institutional silver commodities market where trading is dominated by the big banks is broken. People should take their silver back from the institutional vaults!

The silver squeeze between Jan 29th and Feb 2nd 2021 exposed many concerning issues in the current silver derivative market. But the system has been broken for much longer than that. Large financial institutions like JPMorgan and Scotiabank have been convicted of criminally manipulating the precious metals futures market and paid over a billion dollars in fines over the past few years.   Duetsche Bank, USB and HSBC also paid a total of $46.6 million dollars in fines for manipulating the silver and gold futures markets in 2018.

By avoiding the leveraged futures market and directly slicing up 1000 troy oz good delivery silver bars ourselves, we are providing a new way to buy and value physical silve

Who We Are

As silver investors and sound money advocates, we’ve been part of the Wall Street Silver movement since the early days. We believe that this movement will continue to gain steam and traction. We believe that hard assets that can’t be created with a keystroke are the key to financial security in an era of high inflation.

Silverback Precious Metals has found a new way to deliver physical silver to investors around the United States. We avoid using the leveraged silver futures market entirely.  Instead we purchase and slice up the 1000 troy oz good delivery silver bars ourselves. Each slice is stamped with information identifying the bar from which it was cut and it’s weight to 2 decimal places of an ozt. In the center we stamp one of our logos, beautifully finished the slice with professional dot peen inscription, and shipped it straight to your door.

Other silver bullion companies use the silver futures market to hedge their silver products in the very system that we hope to disrupt. We believe that the silver futures market is a rigged game for everyone but the big banks. We refuse to accept the corrupt and broken status quo anymore and hope you will as well.

And Then Came The Apes

Since 2021, our team at Silverback Precious Metals has focused on disruption and innovation in the physical silver market.

Join us as we take our silver back!