Take Your Silver Back

Our Mission

At Silverback Precious Metals, we partner with silver stackers to drive true price discovery in the physical silver market.

We believe that disrupting the silver market is the key to establishing a fair and equitable system as the people take their silver back from the institutional vaults.

What We Do

We buy 1000 troy oz good delivery bars straight from the institutional silver vaults. We cut them up into approximately 25, 50, and 100 troy oz slices, finish them beautifully, and ship them straight to you!

Transitioned to Wholesaler

We have transitioned to become a wholesaler for local stores! This has:

  • Allowed us to reach more people
  • Enable people to pick them their unique slice in person
  • Focus on slicing/casting rather than sales and shipping
If you don’t see our products in your local store, ask them to contact us to obtain a wholesale agreement!

Some of our products are available for purchase online at Golden Eagle Coins. Enter “Silverback” in their search bar to find them. 

Our online store will be focused on selling customizable end slices, and perhaps the occasional test product. To gain access, buy the Slice Gang membership below (it’s free). 

If you want to order 400 Ozs or more, you can contact us for wholesale pricing. 

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